Best of OZ

The best in O.T.O. thought leadership, scholarship and culture from the pages of OZ.

Published March Equinox 2020 e.v.

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Living in the Sunlight was an early and long overlooked O.T.O. practice created by Jeanne Foster (Soror Hilarion) and taught by Aleister Crowley.  Re-introduced into the Australian O.T.O. practicum by Grand Master Shiva and published in OZ 50, it compares to the exercises of modern spiritual scientists such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr David R. Hawkins and Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. 

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After 13 years and 50 Issues, OTO Grand Lodge of Australia is making its member-only OZ magazine available to the public in this 'best of' compilation.  Inspiring and provocative, OZ chronicles the birth and early development of the Australian Grand Lodge experiment in thought leadership, scholarship, culture and magical design.

Includes essays by Grand Master Shiva X° and Australian O.T.O leaders, as well as commentary by Grand Master Phanes X° (Grand Lodge of Italy) and Polish O.T.O. leader Krzysztof Azarewicz of LAShTAL Press

With some of the chapters including:

  • Shadow of the Thelemites: the Abbot, the Abbey and the Nightmare
  • In the Flesh - Manifesting Liber 194
  • Origins of the modern O.T.O in Australia
  • Temple Mount: The Oriental Templar crusade for Verità
  • Our Church - the Clarity of Vocation
  • Apokalypsis 418: The Temple of Christ, the Angelic priesthood and the Great Return of the Queen of Heaven

The cover of Best of Oz

We received this feedback from an OTO member in Greece, and were given permission to share it:

My Name is AK. I am a member of OTO Greece and the secretary of Sappheiros Camp in Volos Greece. First of all I would like to say that I admire your work and it has been inspiring to read and study all the amazing material coming from Brothers and Sisters in the Australian OTO. Best of Oz has been one of the most enlightening and extraordinary books I've read recently and so important about the future of our Holy Order as well as the future of the Thelemic community in general.

"And they that walk upon their hands shall build the holy place"

Liber 418: 16th Aethyr